Custom Sculptures
Metal Wall Art, Sculpture and Decor

For more than 20 years The Secret Cove has worked with private collectors, business owners, corporations and government to create custom works of art to meet their decorating needs. Our projects have ranged from custom metal wall art and fantastic jellyfish chandeliers to a 911 memorial. Click here for a partial list of corporate, government and institutional Clients Served.

Below are a few examples of past projects for your review. The examples can be ordered as shown or modified to suit your needs. Have a project in mind? Click here to Request a Quotation for Custom Work. Questions? Try clicking on FAQs About Custom Work

Northwest artist Ken Scott produces custom wall-mounted sculptures as well as garden and other decorative structures. Mr. Scott is well known as the father of the Northwest style of metal sculpture. Among his favorite subjects are the mountains, waterways and coasts and wildlife of the Northwest.

	Custom Metal Wall Sculpture by Ken ScottThis photo shows a portion of one of Ken's custom wall sculptures, depicting a majestic mountain lake with a mirror image of the surrounding mountains and sun reflected in the water.

	Custom Metal Garden Sculpture by Ken ScottThis image shows a custom steel garden structure recently completed by Ken.

Click on Ken Scott Custom Sculptures to see more examples of his custom work.

Glass artist Joel Bloomberg has done a number of custom projects over the years featuring variations of his Jellyfish Lamp design. Be it residential or commercial, Joel's creativity and skill has led to exciting results.

Custom Jellyfish Lamp by Joel Bloomberg Above is a Jellyfish Lamp Joel made for a collector desiring a larger version of Joel's single dome lamp. The result is a timeless, captivating work of art.

	Custom Jellyfish Chandeliers by Joel Bloomberg	More words here about how great it is.

Click here for more Joel Bloomberg Custom Jellyfish Lamps.

	Custom Dove Wall Sculpture by Gary Caldwell

This large wall sculpture, "Holy Spirit Dove", created by East Coast metal sculptor Gary Caldwell and his associate, Holly Felice, for a church in Colorado. With its 8 foot wingspan, and wonderful detail, the stainless steel sculpture is a truly inspiring work of art.  Below is a custom sculpture of a grove of trees, nearly seven feet in width.

	Custom Trees Wall Sculpture by Gary Caldwell

More of Gary's work can be viewed by clicking on Gary Caldwell

	Custom Tropical Fish Wall Sculpture by Bovano of Cheshire	Bovano of Cheshire creates exceptionally vivid custom sculptures that will light up any room. Shown above is a large wall sculpture covering nearly six feet, originally developed for a restaurant. Click Bovano Custom Sculptures to see more of Bovano's custom work or click Bovano of Cheshire to view their standard sculptures
	Custom Orchid Wall Sculpture by Bovano of Cheshire	This elegant Bovano orchid wall sculpture, rich in color and flawless in execution, was created for a tropical decor.

FAQs About Custom Work

How much does it cost?

The costs depend on the magnitude of the project. If you request small changes to a production sculpture, the additional costs can run 10% to 30% of the price of the standard piece. If you request a major scale-up of a production piece, you can expect 2 to 4 times more expense, depending on the magnitude of the scale-up. A brand new piece can be much more expensive than an adaptation of an existing piece, because the artist must spend extra time designing the piece as well as determining how to best execute the design. These are very broad rules of thumb....each project is unique.

How long does it take?

The time involved is dependent on the complexity of the project and the artist's workload at the time the project is commissioned. The more time you can allow the artist, the better the results and the lower the cost. However, if your project has a short lead time, rest assured we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Can I return it?

Custom work, by its nature, is based upon your unique specifications. Because of this, custom work is not returnable. Yes, there is some risk involved that you may not like the finished product, but having said that, we can report to you that it is a very rare occasion that someone is not completely satisfied with the custom work they have ordered.

What if I want to make changes after work has started?

If you wish changes after work has commenced, we will provide a written estimate of the impact on cost and schedule for your approval. If you decide to cancel a project after work has commenced, you will be charged for work done up to the time of cancellation.

Do you provide installation services?

Generally, we do not provide installation services. Most custom work is relatively easy to install and can be done by a handyman. For more complex projects, it may be necessary to hire a local contractor.

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