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Hessel Studios
Copper Candlesticks,
Candle Holders & Bud Vases

Enjoy exquisite quality and unique designs handcrafted from copper that will last generations. Hessel studios is a small California studio employing skilled craftsmen to create highly refined, museum quality copper candlesticks and candle holders. Each candleholder is carefully forged by hand using high-heat torches and different hammers to achieve the desired shape and texture. Every piece is hand-wrought, having it's own eccentricities which adds to the beauty and value. The title of the piece is engraved on the underside of the base and stamped with the Hessel Studios proprietary service mark.

Hessel Studios: HS100 to HS105
Product Details
& Order Info
Lyra16.5" $245.00
Five Stones20.5" $335.00
Bishops Song24.0" $340.00
Hestia13.0" $285.00
Mantic14.0" $255.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS300 to HS306
Product Details
& Order Info
Wee Bit5.5" $140.00
Water's Tale18.5" $235.00
Stone Soup22.5" $285.00
Only A Sip8.0" $159.00
Callisto25.0" $328.00
Aloud15.0" $200.00
Her Realm19.5 $339.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS400 to HS404
Product Details
& Order Info
Sagacious24.7" $350.00
Serpens15.5" $240.00
Sisyphus25.5" $335.00
Aquila21.5" $279.00
And He Said23.5" $325.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS500 to HS505
Product Details
& Order Info
The Knight12.0" $245.00
The Cook21.5" $320.00
Erato24.0" $300.00
Fornax17.0" $255.00
Cygnus18.0" $279.00
Leto15.5" $286.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS600 to HS605
Product Details
& Order Info
Flirtation16.0" $230.00
Around Me20.5" $299.00
Water's Harvest18.0" $220.00
Nepenthe18.2" $300.00
Alone13.5" $160.00
The Littlest12.0" $175.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS700 to HS705
Product Details
& Order Info
Awaken14.0" $215.00
Pour The Wine20.0" $295.00
Stillness11.5" $155.00
Ascendant21.2" $310.00
Calliopia17.5" $315.00
Carry Me19.0" $220.00
Enfold Me10.0 $210.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS800 to HS804
Product Details
& Order Info
Electra12.0" $215.00
Fortuna21.5" $319.00
Niobe15.0" $268.00
Eleusian19.5 $310.00
Minos9.0" $220.00
Candleholders from Hessel Studios: HS900 to HS905
Product Details
& Order Info
Wild15.5" $265.00
Transcendence22.0" $310.00
Rosebud Vase25.0" $320.00
The Garden Vase32.0" $389.00
Buddha's Belly30.0" $395.00
Sweet Pea Vase20.0" $255.00

Many of the studio's tools and techniques have been developed by artist Gregg Hessel, who is inspired by traditional metalworking methods as well as the desire to invent new techniques for the future.

Hessel's designs look beautiful singly, paired or in a grouping of different heights. The studio recommends beeswax tapers for their slightly sticky surface that works well with the candleholder's tapered openings.

The candle holders are delivered with a highly polished finish. Copper will naturally darken over time unless it is polished from time to time. Many people prefer the natural patina and choose not to remove it. For those who prefer the polished look, occasional use of a good silver polish or a product called "Simichrome", along with periodic buffing with a soft dry cloth, will keep the candleholder looking as fresh as the day it was produced. Dripped candle wax can be removed by holding the area under hot tap water until the wax is soft enough to be wiped away with a soft cloth. Remove all moisture from the surface of the metal; water can spot and discolor copper. Never use anything sharp or abrasive on copper to remove wax.
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