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Suat Gurtan Metal Sculpture

Suat Gurtan
Metal Sculptor

Suat Gurtan Metal Sculptor

Suat Gurtan was born in Bursa, Turkey in 1947. After graduation from high school in Istanbul, Suat studied in mathematics and physics in London. In 1973 he was admitted to Berry College in Rome, Georgia to study art. During the summer of 1975 he transferred to Georgia Institute of Technology, beginning his major in architecture.

In 1977 he established Gurtan Designs while continuing his education. With an oxy-acetylene torch, a sheet of copper and 100 square feet of space, business grew quickly. His wall sculptures did so well he put architecture aside and designed and built full time. He moved to Florida in 1987 where he displayed his work at art shows and art galleries throughout the United States.

With his business growing, he went back to his first passion and graduated from Florida Atlantic University's 5 year architectural program in 1999. In 2001 he completed his Masters at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.

His design philosophy is substance over style. He does not believe in fashion and temporary marketing measures, but believes in timelessness. His ever popular "September Tree" has sold thousands since the seventy's. He has great respect for classical architecture and products, but does not believe in imitating the past. The past is for lessons to be learned. Nature is beautiful and has plenty to offer for inspiration. He thinks the solution is not within different directions but, concentrating on quality, starting, with the quality of life.

We have known Suat for about 20 years, and have sold hundreds of his creations. Yet we are constantly surprised by his energy and creativity. If you are seeking someone to create custom pieces, Suat is your man! He has done several for our customers and they have all been pleased with the results.

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