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Custom Sculpture by Ken Scott

	Custom Firepot by Ken Scott Here is a photo of Ken creating a very unique version of a garden firepot
	Custom Metal Wall Sculpture by Ken ScottBend your mind around this magnificent metal wall sculpture featuring a majestic mountain lake with a mirror image of the surrounding mountains and sun reflected in the water. Definitely one of a kind.

	Custom Metal Wall Mural by Ken Scott
Something else you do not see every day, a steel mural! The photo could be better, but you get the idea. A beautiful scene with drama, featuring trout, ducks, and a Heron ready to take flight.

	Custom Metal Garden Mural by Ken ScottHere is a fabulous mural-like steel screen for the garden!
	Custom Metal Garden Sculpture by Ken ScottIt just keeps getting better and better. Can you imagine a more distinctive garden structure?
	Custom Metal Garden Dome by Ken ScottLook at this steel dome!  The detail is incredible.
	Custom Metal Garden Dome Closeup View by Ken ScottHere is a closer view. A true one-of-a-kind work of art!

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