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Decorating with Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Since our inception in 1986, The Secret Cove has specialized in wall sculptures fashioned from metal. In those days, the use of metal wall art for interior decor was rare; the vast majority of wall art was framed art, such as oil and watercolor paintings. We were attracted to metal sculptures because they brought three dimensional structures to decor that offered shapes beyond the right angles of framed art and introduced new elements of light and shadow. In our thirty years of providing sculptural art we have learned a few simple techniques and lessons that may be of benefit to you as you consider decorating your home or business.

Various terms are used to describe metal wall art, ranging from wall sculptures, metal wall sculptures, and metal wall hangings, to metal wall decor. Throughout this web site we use these terms interchangeably. Regardless of how one has come to refer to it, metal wall art is an intriguing and beautiful art form. Follow the links below for additional information and "how to" suggestions.

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