Artists Appearing in The Secret Cove Catalog

Joel Bloomberg

Joel Bloomberg Jellyfish Lamps and Chandeliers

Glass artist Joel Bloomberg has spent years perfecting his fabulous jellyfish lamp designs, capturing the essence of jellyfish in motion. As with jellyfish in the wild, his designs display gradations of light and color that seem to change with the viewers perspective. Also captured is the gentle motion jellyfish display as they gracefully propel themselves through the water. Learn more about Joel Bloomberg or go directly to Jellyfish Lamps to view his sculptures.

Bovano of Cheshire

Bovano of Cheshire Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Bovano of Cheshire is a small family owned company that has been producing high quality, collectable works of sculptural art for over 50 years. Bovano is one of the few remaining American companies employing old world craftsmanship to consistently produce works of art of extaordinary quality and beauty. The Bovano collection is quite extensive in both size and subject, with bird, butterfly, floral, fish, tree, sunburst and marine themes. Learn more about Bovano of Cheshire or go directly to the Bovano main menu to view their collection.

Gary Caldwell

Gary Caldwell Stainless Steel Metal Wall Sculptures

Gary Caldwell is a master at transforming sheets of stainless steel into large, three dimensional, metal wall sculptures. Gary specializes in large wall sculptures for residences, commercial buildings and public spaces. Gary's work has a definite "Wow!" factor that will make your decor very special. Learn more about Gary Caldwell or go directly to the Gary Caldwell collection

Gurtan Designs

Gurtan Designs Metal Wall Sculptures

Large Metal Wall Art. Large trees, branches, wildlife, sunbursts. Metal wall sculptures for interiors and outdoors. Mr. Gurtan has been creating decorative art for more than 35 years. Learn more about founder Suat Gurtan or go directly to Gurtan Designs menu of sculptures.

Hessel Studios

Hessel Studios Copper Candlesticks

Collection of museum quality copper candlesticks and bud vases by sculptor Gregg Hessel. Every piece is hand-wrought, having it's own eccentricities which adds to the beauty and value. Each candleholder is carefully forged by hand using high-heat torches and different hammers to achieve the desired shape and texture. Many of the studio's tools and techniques have been developed by artist Gregg Hessel, who is inspired by traditional metalworking methods as well as the desire to invent new techniques for the future. Go directly to Hessel Studios Candlesticks to view his timeless creations.

Mark Hines Designs

Mark Hines Designs

Collection of abstract wall vases, tabletop vases and abstract clocks. Mark is an internationally known glass artist who has been practicing his craft for over 35 years. Mark employs sand molds give his glass sculptures an organic look . Mark's designs have been shown in Architectural Digest and his pieces are in collections worldwide.  Learn more about Mark Hines Designs or go directly to his Menu of Clocks, Wall Vases and Tabletop Vases

Max Howard

Max Howard Sculptures

Max has been producing metal wall sculptures in copper and brass for over 40 years. Max is well known for his unique designs, quality workmanship, and attention to detail. His work can be found in homes, galleries and corporate locations throughout the world. Learn more  About Max Howard or go directly to his Menu of Sculptures.

Ken Scott Sculpture

Ken Scott Sculpture

Large metal wall sculptures by Ken Scott, one of the Northwest's finest sculptors.  Coastal, mountain, and nature themes with a flair for the dramatic.  Ken has spent decades developing and perfecting the proprietary techniques that allow him to crate spectacular, high quality works. Click on Metal Wall Sculpture by Ken Scott to see his exciting work.

Tom Torrens

Tom Torrens Design

Tom Torrens has been producing large metal sculptures since the early seventies, using recycled industrial materials whenever possible. Perhaps best known for his bells, gongs and fountains, he has also done numerous custom and commissioned projects, including a large bell for a 911 memorial. Tom's works are in collections around the globe and have been on the front cover of Architectural Digest, Matter Magazine, Niche Magazine, Folio Collection, Neiman Marcus Catalogue, and Wind & Weather Catalogues.

Learn more about Tom Torrens or go directly to a menu of Tom's Garden Sculpture.

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