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Gurtan Designs

Sculptor and architect Suat Gurtan's metal wall sculptures complement the decor of distintive homes around the globe. If you have the challenge of decorating large wall spaces in your home we suggest you spend a few moments perusing Mr. Gurtan's work.

	Gurtan Designs | Trees | Metal Wall Sculpture Art	Trees

Mr. Gurtan is perhaps best known for his large, dramatic tree sculptures. Typically they are four to six feet wide and feature dramatic designs. Be sure to look at the bold, windblown September Tree while you are at it.

	Gurtan Designs | Branches Sprays | Metal Wall Sculpture Art	Branches and Sprays

This category offers some unusual selections, such as the dramatic black Dandelions or the red Tropicana. In this category you will find some sculptures that are well suited to narrower wall spaces.

	Gurtan Designs | Abstracts | Metal Wall Sculpture Art	Abstract

If abstract art is your preference, be sure to take a look at Illusions, a sculpture that incorporates some very interesting optical illusions

	Gurtan Designs | Other Favorites | Metal Wall Sculpture Art	Other Favorites

In this category are additional sculptures that have been popular over the years, including a metal wall sculpture of a suspension bridge that looks like it could be the Golden Gate bridge.

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