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For 26 years we have provided distinctive decor to homes, corporate offices, and government agencies. Our specialty is wall art, but we also offer freestanding, table-top and garden sculptures. If you were looking for a place to buy quality, original American metal sculptures for contemporary, traditional, or modern decor, you have come to the right place.


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Below Are Samples Of What You Will Find Inside...

Meredith GywnnSeptember Tree Bovano of CheshireMark Hines
Meredith Gwynn's specialty is abstract metal wall art.  "Pulse" above is an excellent example"September Tree" from Gurtan Designs is an elegant example of his large metal wall sculpturesFor over fifty years, Bovano of Cheshire has been creating traditional decor in stunning color and heirloom qualityThe "Dottie" wall clock by Mark Hines is hand formed from slumped glass
Max Howard SculpturesBrian Hooey Tree of LifeRob HarperKen Scott Sculptures
Max Howard offers large sculptures for traditional interiors, such as his "Windblown Willow Branch".Brian Hooey has created a very special Tree of Life featuring steam-bent wooden leaves on a copper frame.Steve Buenis has created delightful designs of sailboat sculptures of hammered copper hulls and silvery metal sails.Ken Scott brings forth an elegant view of mountains, lakes and streams with his metal wall decor.
Joel Bloomberg Art GlassGary CaldwellHessel Stuios Candlestcks 
Joel Bloomberg's fabulous Jellyfish Lamps are wonders to behold.Gary Caldwell creates large metal
wall sculptures from stainless steel.
Hessel Studios produces gorgeous, museum-quality hand-crafted copper candlesticks 
 Tom Torrens   
Tom Torrens garden sculptures, bells,
gongs, fountains, custom designs

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Our Artists

We represent some of the finest artisans working in America today, many with over 20 years experience. Some have developed unique, proprietary techniques that make their metal sculptures truly outstanding. Bovano of Cheshire has mastered the technique of applying fused glass to copper, achieving remarkable colors not usually found in home decor. Gary Caldwell is a master sculptor of stainless steel decor, whose stunning sculptures appear to change color with the viewer's perspective. Max Howard utilizes verdigris patinas to set his traditional sculptures apart. Often imitated, but never matched are the works of Ken Scott, whose work depicts nature themes of the Northwest. Suat Gurtan, famous for his large tree creations, brings us an exciting array of trees and other nature themes.  Meredith Gwynn creates engaging abstract compositions form copper, steel and brass.  Joel Bloomberg takes hand-formed glass to new levels with his fabulous Jellyfish Lamps and Chandeliers.  Trendsetter Tom Torrens has gained world-wide recognition for his bells, gongs and fountains.  Greg Hessel of Hessel Studios produces some of the finest, hand-crafted copper candlesticks to be found in America today.  And Mark Hines creates beautiful vases and clocks formed from slumped glass. Whether your decor is modern, traditional, or eclectic, your are certain to fine something stunning that will set your home or office apart from all others.

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