How to Hang Metal Wall Art

In most situations the artist provides loops or mounting holes on the back of the wall sculpture. The sculpture can be hung using ordinary picture hangers that will slide into the loops or holes. Most metal wall art is relatively light, say 2 to 25 lbs, depending on size. Packages of picture hangers usually indicate the weight they are designed to hold. You will see small ones rated at 5 lbs, with larger ones all the way up to 100 lbs. The size that we use most often is 30 lbs or 50 lbs. Let's say that you have a relatively large piece that weighs 20 lbs and has two loops on the back. We recommend using two 50 lb rated hangers. The hangers are heavier than you need, but they provide a good safety margin. In most cases you do not need to find the stud behind the sheet rock to hold the hangers. If you live in an earthquake zone, it is a good idea to also have a secondary way of supporting the wall sculpture, such as the clear fishing line method described below.

The John Keyser sculpture "Dance Troupe" (left) uses a single hook on the back (above) for hanging on the wall. All you need is a single picture hanger to hang this example. (Sorry, this item no longer available, but it is a good illustration)

John Keyser Dance Troupe

Hook Illustration

Bovano's "Great Blue Heron" employs a washer welded to the back of the sculpture to hang it on the wall.

Bovano of Cheshire hanger

Some situations require a little creative thinking when it comes to hanging metal wall decor. What can you do if the wall is stone or marble, as one might find over a fireplace mantel? Most of us would prefer not to drill mounting holes in the stone! One approach is to use clear fishing line to suspend the sculpture in position, thereby eliminating the need for drilling mounting holes. Simply use one or two sturdy hooks mounted on the ceiling header close to the wall. Run the clear fishing line (use at least 50 lb test) from the hooks to the sculpture and adjust the length until the metal wall art is positioned where you want it.

Tip: When hanging metal wall art, take care to prevent the sculpture from scraping against the wall. Scrape marks can occur, leaving unsightly blemishes in the wall paint. If you do happen to get a few marks, normally they can be easily cleaned using Windex or other cleaner. We suggest you try cleaning a small out-of-sight section of the wall to make sure the cleaner is suitable.

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