How to Maintain Your Metal Wall Sculptures

Care of metal wall art is generally very simple. Pieces displayed indoors require only an occasional feather dusting to discourage the build up of dust bunnies. In more humid environments, the artwork should be dusted more frequently to avoid clumps of dust forming.

Good quality metal wall decor intended for interior display will have a protective coating of clear lacquer, acrylic, or automotive clear coat applied to polished metal surfaces to protect them from dulling or pitting. Do not attempt to polish such sculptures with metal cleaner or polish. To do so will remove the protective coating.

In beachfront locations you should avoid leaving windows open, because windborne salt and humid air can be very corrosive. Especially vulnerable are polished metal surfaces which can pit over time. Sculptures made of ferrous metals may develop rust in such an environment, but will will last much longer if the interior of the home is properly air conditioned. Proper air conditioning will also increase the life of your other furnishings.

We are often asked about what type of wall art should be used in bathrooms because of their more humid environments. A good choice for this application is wall decor created by Bovano of Cheshire. Much of their work features fused glass over a copper backing which is very resistant to humidity. Below is an example of one if these pieces.

This Bovano of Cheshire sculpture,  Angelfish Reef Scene, made from fused glass over a copper backing, is a great choice for bathroom decor.

Bovano of Cheshire Angelfish Reef Scene Wall Sculpture
Bovano of Cheshire
Angelfish Reef Scene

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