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Branches and Sprays
Metal Wall Sculpture
By Gurtan Designs

Large metal wall sculptures in copper, steel and brass for tropical, traditional and asian decors.

	Maple Leaves by Gurtan Designs.  Metal wall sculpture for interior decor	Maple Leaves
32"h x 48"w x 4"d
	Corrosion resistant wall decor | Gurtan Designs | Chinese Palm	Chinese Palm
44"h x 38"w x 5"d
	Tropicana | Gurtan Designs | Metal Wall Sculpture Art for interior decor	Tropicana Red
36"h x 38"w x 5"d

	Verdigris Tropicana Wall Art | Gurtan Designs | Metal Sculpture	Tropicana Verdigris
36"h x 38"w x 5"d
	Gurtan Designs | Dandelions | Metal Wall Sculpture Art	Dandelions
40"h x 40"w x 8"d
	Magnolia by Suat Gurtan | Gurtan Designs | Metal Wall Sculpture	Magnolia
44"h x 42"w x 7"d
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