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Other Favorites
Metal Wall Art by Bovano of Cheshire

Other favorites include wall mounted sculptures of colorful hot air balloons, dragonflies, sailboats and abstract sculptures.

	Sailboat Regatta BNS07 Bovano of Cheshire Metal Wall Art	Sailboat Regatta
18"w x 27"h

	Square Roots Three Abstract Wall Sculpture G04 Bovano	Square Roots Three
12"w x 17"h
	Square Roots Four Abstract Metal Wall Art G05 Bovano	Square Roots Four
16"w x 24"h
	Circle Dance Three G06 Abstract Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire	Circle Dance Three
12"w x 17"h

	Circle Dance Four G07 Bovano Abstract Wall Sculpture	Circle Dance Four
16"W x 24"h
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