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Marine Themed Sculptures
by Bovano of Cheshire

Accessorize your decor with hand crafted wall sculptures by Bovano's skilled artisans. Whether new to Bovano or a long-time collector, their sculptures of Sea Turtles, Seahorses, Crabs, and Lobster will not disappoint. Use as stand-alone works of wall decor, or mix and match with other Bovano sculptures to create fabulous sea-life scenes

	Sea Turtle Single - Mini W629 Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire	Sea Turtle
Single - Mini

6"w x 4"h
	Sea Turtle Single - Small W627 Wall Sculpture Bovano of Cheshire	Sea Turtle
Single - Small

10"w x 6"h
	Seahorse with Crab W1944 Metal Wall Art Bovano	Rainbow Seahorse
with Crab

8"w x 12"h

	Seahorse with Star Fish W1928 Metal Wall Sculpture Bovano	Seahorse
with Star Fish

7"w x 11"h
	Seahorse with Clam W1929 Wall Scupture Bovano of Cheshire	Seahorse
with Clam

7"w x 11"h

	Rainbow Seahorse with Coral W1948 Wall Sculpture Bovano	Rainbow Seahorse
with Coral

7"w x 8"h
	Mini Sea Turtle and Sea Fan W1947 Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire	Mini Sea Turtle
and Sea Fan

8"w x 8"h
	Two Sea Turtles W624 Metal Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire	Two Sea Turtles
6"w x 13"h

	Blue Crab Wall Art. Bovano of Cheshire Sculpture	Blue Crab
9"w x 8"h

	Green Crab Wall Art. W189G Sculpture by Bovano of Cheshire	Green Crab
9"w x 8"h
	Large Sea Turtle Wall Sculpture. W628. Bovano of Cheshire	Sea Turtle
Large Single

14"w x 8"h
	Sea Turtle with Blue Coral. W625BLUE Bovano Metal Wall Art	Sea Turtle
with Blue Coral

10"w x 12"h

	Rainbow Seahorse Facing Right W1923R Bovano Wall Art	Rainbow Seahorse
Right Facing

11"w x 26"h
	Rainbow Seahorse Facing Left W1923L Bovano Wall Art	Rainbow Seahorse
Left Facing

11"w x 26"h
	Lobster W187 Metal Wall Sculpture. Bovano of Cheshire	Lobster
7"w x 12"h
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