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Floral Wall Sculptures
by Bovano of Cheshire

Bovano floral wall sculptures are an easy way to add an inviting splash of color to just about any decor. Choose from the elegant purples of Irises, the bold reds of Tuscan Poppies, or the warm yellows sunflowers to enhance your wall decor.

	Single Purple Iris with Patina Grass F97P Bovano Wall Art	Purple Iris
with Patina Grass

7"w x 16"h
	Poppy with Lavender Bovano Metal Wall Sculpture F66	Poppy
with Lavender

6"w x 13"h
	Ladybug on Daisy Metal Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire F100	Ladybug
on Daisy

6"w x 11"h

	Sunflower Bouquet F102 Metal Wall Sculpture Bovano of Cheshire	Sunflower

10"w x 22"h
	Tuscan Poppies with Sunflower F103 Bovano Wall Sculpture	Tuscan Poppies
with Sunflower

15"w x 15"h
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