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Butterfly Wall Sculptures
by Bovano of Cheshire

Bovano Blue Morpho Butterfly B1 Single
Blue Morpho

6" w x 4"h
Bovano Single Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly B2Single
Tiger Swallowtail

6" w x 4"h
Bovano Single Monarch Butterfly B3Single

6" w x 4"h

Bovano Monarch Butterfly with Black Eyed Susan B25Monarch with

8" w x 13"h
Bovano Butterflies with Orchid B40Butterflies
With Orchids

11" w x 15"h

Bovano Blue Morpho Butterfly with OrchidBlue Morpho
and Orchids

12" w x 21"h

Bovano Butterly in Flower MeadowButterflies in
Flower Meadow

20"w x 16"h
Bovano Butterflies in Grassy Meadow B26Butterflies in
Grassy Meadow

13" w x 16"h

Bovano Butterflies with Fern and Orchid B77 Butterflies
With Orchids

15" w x 22"h
Bovano Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly with Flower. Metal Wall SculptureMonarch
with Flower

6" w x 8"h

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