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Small Birds and Songbirds
Sculptures by Bovano of Cheshire

Art for bird lovers. Decorate your walls with the timeless beauty of Bovano's heirloom quality sculptures of Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Goldfinches, Bluebirds, Woodpeckers Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Robins, Goldfinch, Grosbeak and Jays.

Hummingbird with Woodlily W441 Bovano Wall Art Hummingbird
with Woodlily

9"w x 8"h
Hummingbird with Trillium  W474 Bovano Wall SculptureHummingbird
with Trillium

7"w x 10"h
Hummingbird with Pink Lilies W7625 Bovano Metal Wall Art Hummingbird
with Pink Lilies

4"w x 14"h

Hummingbird with Butterfly Vertical Wall Sculpture. W4713 Bovano Hummingbird
with Butterfly

7"w x 25"h
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Hummingbirds on Dogwood Bough Wall Sculpture W4708 by BovanoHummingbirds
on Dogwood Bough

41"w x 10"h
Male Cardinal on Pine W4127 Metal Wall Art by Bovano of 

Cheshire Male Cardinal
on Pine

7"w x 8"h

Cardinal on Cherry Blossom W4450 Metal Wall Sculpture by Bovano Cardinal on
Cherry Blossom

9"w x 6"h
Cardinal Pair on Pine W4133 Wall Sculpture by Bovano of 

Cheshire Cardinal Pair
on Pine

17"w x 9" h

Cardinals in a Tree W465 Bovano Metal Wall ArtCardinals
In a Tree

20"w x 14"h
Chickadees in a Tree W466 Bovano Wall Art Sculpture Chickadees
In a Tree

20"w x 14"h

Chickadee on Pine W4128 Bovano of Cheshire Wall SculptureChickadee
On Pine

5"w x 7"h
Chickadee with Pine Bough  W414 Bovano Metal Wall Sculpture Chickadee
With Pine Bough

5"w x 7"h

Chickadees with Pine Bough W415 Bovano of Cheshire Wall Sculpture Chickadees with
Pine Bough

11"w x 13"h
Chickadee Pair on Pine W4133 Bovano of Cheshire Wall Art SculptureChickadee Pair
On Pine

16"w x 8"h
Chickadees on Dogwood Branch W4136 Bovano Metal Wall Art Chickadees on
Dogwood Branch

17"w x 9"h

Chickadees Nesting W521 Wall Sculpture Bovano of Cheshire Chickadees Nestings
4"w x 7"h
Bluebird Pair with Prairie Rose W4134 Bovano Wall Sculpture Bluebird Pair
With Prairie Rose

16"w x 8"h

Robin W4123 Wall Sculpture by Bovano of Chesire Robin
6"w x 7"h
Blue Jay W4124 Sculpture from Bovano of ChesireBlue Jay
7"w x 8"h
Grosbeak Rose Breasted W4116 Bovano Wall Art Grosbeak
Rose Breasted

5"w x 8"h

Songbirds on Dogwood Bough W4423 Bovano Wall Art Sculpture Songbirds on
Dogwood Bough

23"w x 7"h
Songbirds in Flower Meadow W4425 Bovano Wall 

Sculpture Songbirds in
Flower Meadow

20"w x 16"h
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