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Large Birds and Shorebirds
Decorative Wall Art by Bovano of Cheshire

Transform your decor with Bovano's wonderful wall mounted sculptures of some of natures most fascinating large birds from our coasts, marshes and woods. The enduring, heirloom quality of Bovano's work will bring enjoyment to you and yours for years to come.  Shore Birds, Waterfowl, Owls, Eagle, Canada Goose, Quail

	Flying Heron Small W303 Bovano of Cheshire Sculpture	Flying Heron

10"w x 6"h
	Flying Heron Large W3000 Bovano of Cheshire Metal Wall Sculpture	Flying Heron

15"w x 9"h

	Snowy Egret with Shells W368 Bovano of Cheshire Wall Sculpture	Snowy Egret
With Shells

17"w x 13"h
	Egret with Grasses W372 Bovano Metal Wall Sculpture	Egrets with

12"w x 29"h
	Large Egret with Cattails W364 Bovano of Cheshire Wall Sculpture	Large Egret
With Cattails

16"w x 42"h

	Pelican with Sun W401B Wall Sculpture by Bovano of Cheshire	Pelican
With Sun

12"w x 10"h
	Small Pelican Wall Sculpture by Bovano of Cheshire W403B	Small Pelican
Wings Down

11"w x 5"h
	Large Brown Pelican with Wings Up W404B Bovano of Cheshire	Large Pelican
Wings Up

12"w x 10"h

	Pelican Brown On Pilings W428B Bovano Wall Sculpture	Pelican
On Pilings

9"w x 15"h

	Sandpiper with Clam Shells W320 Bovano Wall Sculpture	Sandpiper
With Clam Shells

15"w x 8"h
	Sandpipers with Seashells at the Seashore W319 Bovano Wall Art	Sandpipers
With Seashells

29"w x 12"h

	Sandpipers On Beach W326 Wall Art Bovano of Cheshire	Sandpipers On Beach
22"w x 9"h
	Sandpipers with Grasses W371 Bovano Wall Sculpture	Sandpipers
With Grasses

12"w x 29"h

	Great Horned Owl on Branch W8091 Metal Wall Art Bovano	Great Horned
Owl On Branch

14"w x 20"h
	Snowy Owl on Branch W8092 Bovano Wall Sculpture	Snowy Owl
On Branch

15"w x 19"h

	Owl on Maple Leaf Branch W8093 Bovano Wall Art	Owl On
Maple Leaf Branch

9"w x 10"h
	Screech Owl with Pine W8094 Wall Art Sculpture by Bovano	Screech Owl On
Pine Branch

12"w x 14"h
	Screech Owl with Cherry Blossom W8095 Bovano of Cheshire	Screech Owl with
Cherry Blossom

12"w x 14"h

	Saw Whet Owl On Pine Branch W823 Bovano Wall Sculpture	Saw Whet Owl On
Pine Branch

8"w x 11"h
	Quail Male and Chicks W8445 Bovano Metal Wall Art	Male Quail
With Chicks

11"w x 9"h
	Quail Hen and Chicks W8446 Bovano Art for Wall Decor	Female Quail
With Chicks

11"w x 9"h

	Bald Eagle In Flight W839 Metal Wall Sculpture Bovano of Cheshire	Bald Eagle
In Flight

9"w x 12"h
	Bovano Wall Sculpture. Majestic Canada Goose  W8000	Majestic Canada
Goose in Flight

16"w x 12"h
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