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Marsh Melody
Metal Wall Sculpture
by Ken Scott

Ken Scott Marsh Melody Metal Sculpture Wall Art

Marsh Melody is a wonderful marsh scene that is available in three variations. Marsh Melody A is shown in the upper portion of the image and consists of a heron flying across the face of the sun (or moon, depending on your imagination). Marsh Melody B is the lower sculpture, featuring a heron taking flight from among cattails at the water's edge. Marsh Melody C is the combination of both sculptures to create the complete scene as pictured above. These fine examples of metal art are crafted from steel and can easily be hung on your wall using ordinary picture hangers.

The artist employs special heat treating and other techniques developed over many years to endow his creations with remarkable color. He grinds the surface of the steel to enhance the visual flow of the piece, while also achieving a reflective quality that creates the illusion of changing colors as you view the sculpture from different positions. To gain the maximum impact of these wonderful sculptures, we suggest they be placed in well-lit or spotlighted areas. Not intended for outdoor use.

Easily hung using built-in brackets and ordinary picture hangers. Steel. Please note: the beige background is not part of the sculpture.

Available for order. Usually ships within 1 - 2 weeks.

16"w x 12"h
32"w x 38"h
32"w x 44"h




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Marsh Melody A

Marsh Melody B

Marsh Melody C

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