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Tree of Life
Metal Wall Sculpture by Gary Caldwell

Gary Caldwell Tree of Life Metal Sculpture Wall Art

Many artists have created sculptures they call Tree of Life, but this sculpture is a unique, original creation. The trunk features a lattice of intricate torch work which gives it a fantasia-like appearance, and its large leaves provide a perfect counterpoint to the trunk. Light reflects wonderfully off of the stainless steel leaves, causing the color to change with changes in lighting or the viewer's perspective. This sculpture is recommended for indoor use only. Each sculpture individually hand crafted, with no two being exactly alike. Note: the gray background is not part of the sculpture. Wall sculpture, stainless steel.

Easily hung using built-in brackets and ordinary picture hangers. Stainless Steel.

Available for order. Usually ships within 1 - 2 weeks.

38"w x 34"h x 8"d




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