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WV38 Abstract Vase
by Mark Hines Designs

WV38 Wall Vase by Mark Hines Designs. Glass       Wall Art Sculpture
Available Colors
(Various Vases Shown)
Color pallet for Mark Hines Wall Vases

12"w x 13"h

Color Choice



This unique vase with bold colors is a work of art all on its own, but add a bouquet of flowers and you will bring a festive flair to your decor. Sand molds give the glass an organic look and the decorative metal wall-mounted bracket adds functionality and beauty. Mark's designs have been shown in Architectural Digest and his pieces are in collections worldwide.

Choose from 8 available colors. Shown left is Lavender.

Available for order. Usually ships within one to two weeks.

Click checkbox for desired color, then click "Add to Cart"

  Green         Amber          Black         Red      

  Lavender         Tuscan          Frost         Blue      

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